Jolly Foul Play by Robin Stevens

Challenge #4 ~ “A book with a title that doesn’t contain the letter ‘E’.”


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My opinion in three sentences:

This may just be my favourite of the stories in the Wells & Wong series so far! Packed with excitement, suspsence and drama, Stevens presents a terrific murder mystery at Deepdean (whilst keeping potential suspects to a managable few). I’d say the start of this was more character-driven than typical MG detective novel, but I liked this insight into Hazel, and it worked well with the rest of the book.

(Without spoiling anything) the best bit:

As with the others in this series, anything could be the best – the research is clear, the stories are realistic, the characters are fabulous and loveable, the plot twists as much as a vine, and the writing is beautiful. Still, if I had to highlight just one element for Jolly Foul Play, it would be the characterisation. Coming back to Deepdean, you can truly see just how much the characters have developed since the first novel, and yet they are still the loveable, realistic darlings they always have been.

A warning for the book:

I have to admit that despite it being MG, there was one bit I just didn’t understand. Following the reinactment, Hazel & Daisy manage to eliminate a suspect who couldn’t have been in the right place at the right time, but I failed to grasp why they couldn’t have, or how they’d come to that conclusion. This confusion and uncertainty wasn’t the usual prowess with which Stevens eliminates suspects (suddenly making you think ‘Of course! How did I not see that?!’)

Recommended for fans of:

  • The Ring of Rocamadour by Michael D. Beil
  • Also Known As by Robin Benway
  • The Pirates of Pompeii by Caroline Lawrence

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